Tales of Freeport: Unlikely Tides (Short Fiction, Three Electronic Formats)


ePub formatmobi formatUnlikely Tides
A short story set in the World of Freeport
Author: Dylan Birtolo
Editing: Jaym Gates
Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Interior Art: Hal Mangold
16 pages, three formats: PDF, ePub, mobi (Amazon Kindle)

A new ship's crew of unusual composition tacks against the wind to establish their places on the seas and in Freeport: The City of Adventure.

About Dylan Birtolo

Dylan Birtolo is a writer, game designer, and professional sword-swinger. He’s published multiple novels, novellas, and short stories both in established universes and worlds of his own creation. Some of the universes that he’s created stories in are Shadowrun, Exalted, BattleTech, Legend of the Five Rings, and Pathfinder. On the gaming side, he contributed to the design of Dragonfire and created the forthcoming games Shadowrun Sprawl Ops and Henchman the Game. He trains with the Seattle Knights, an acting troop that focuses on stage combat, and has performed in live shows, videos, and movies. He’s had the honor of jousting, and yes, the armor is real - it weighs over 100 pounds. You can read more about him and his works at www.dylanbirtolo.com or follow him on Twitter: @DylanBirtolo.

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Tags: Fiction, Freeport, Nisaba, Short Story


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