The Expanse RPG Dice Set


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The Expanse RPG Dice Set 
Format: Boxed Set with 6 dice
Manufactured by Q Workshop

Do you like The Expanse novels by James S.A. Corey?

Do you like dice?

Then you have docked at the right station!

Sure, you can play The Expanse with any old six-sided dice, but now you can declare your allegiance to Earth, Mars, or the Belt with these Expanse dice! We partnered with Q Workshop, who previously produced our Dragon Age and Blue Rose Dice Sets, to make these dice, and the results are stellar. 

The Expanse RPG uses the Adventure Game Engine (AGE), which also powers our Blue Rose, Fantasy AGE, and Modern AGE RPGs. In AGE games, you roll three d6s when making tests. Two of these dice are one color, and the third a different color. In The Expanse RPG that third one is known as the Drama Die and its results can let you pull off cool stunts in play. Each set includes three dice of one color scheme, and three of another, so you can make two different sets of 3d6 out of each box.

Show your support for Earth, Mars, or the Belt, or collect all three!

SKU: GRR6604
ISBN: 978-1-949160-78-9 ISBN: 978-1-949160-79-6 ISBN: 978-1-949160-80-2

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