Blue Rose: Six of Cups


Blue Rose: Six of Cups
Writing: Sean Gomes (Sundered Stone), Spider Perry (Shattered Crown), Katherine Schuttler (Forgotten Things), Peter Schaefer (Out From Exile), Steffie de Vaan (Hemlock’s Bane), Timothy S. Brannan (Witching Weather)
Cover Art: Priscilla Kim
Interior Art: Stanislav Dikolenko, Toby Fox, Claudia Ianniciello, Mirco Paganessi, and Nicole Slater

Format: 128 pages, full color, softcover 


Raise your glass for Aldis!

Six of Cups is an adventure anthology for Blue Rose, the AGE Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy. Set in the fantastic world of Aldea, these six adventures are suitable for characters of varying levels. They also provide resources to Narrators and serve as examples for their own adventure building.

  • Forgotten Things: When the heroes agree to rescue some laborers trapped in the subterranean ruins of Ellendar, beneath the modern Aldin city of Ellsport, they get more than they bargained for.
  • Witching Weather: The Aldin port city of Garnet has been battered by storms for months, and as the heroes are dig into the cause of the seemingly endless tempest, they must save five otherworldly children from the evils that seek to claim them.
  • Sundered Stone: While investigating tremors shaking Khaldessa Valley in central Aldis, the heroes face the presence a powerful elemental entity, and must act quickly to save Khaldessa from disaster.
  • A Shattered Crown: An investigation into increasingly severe weather in the Scatterstar Archipelago reveals a conflict between warring Shadow cults who must be dealt with before their feud leaves the archipelago a storm-tossed ruin.
  • Out of Exile: Trouble is brewing in the Veran Marsh, and a small community of banished Aldinfolk dwelling in the marsh stands to take the blame for problems in the border town of Lysanna’s Crossing.
  • Hemlock’s Bane: In the town of Hemlock in the northern Pavin Weald, the heroes must find a way to uphold Aldin virtue and justice as factions struggle for conflicting outcomes and a sorcerous threat uses the crisis as cover.

From the Pavin Weald to the southern coasts, this anthology provides an unconnected selection of adventures filled with combat, roleplaying, and exploration. But more than that, it also shines a spotlight on six undetailed locations in Aldis, providing Narrators a close-up view of some of the diverse places in the nation of the Blue Rose, all ready to be used as a setting for adventure and romance.

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ISBN: 9781949160055

Tags: Adventure, Adventure Game Engine (AGE), Adventures, Blue Rose, Fantasy AGE


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