A Note For Our EU and UK Customers November 01 2021

Digital goods sold to customers in the UK or EU will be charged VAT at checkout. Mail order customers outside of North America are responsible for any duties, fees, or VAT that may be charged on physical products after they are shipped. If these realities represent a financial hardship, please try to get a local store to stock our products.

Privacy Policy May 24 2018

We have been relying on our general privacy policy, posted on, to cover all of our web sites. We have drilled down a little further and made a Green Ronin Online Store Privacy Policy. Please check it out.

Shipping Policy, Return Policy, How to Get Help September 07 2014

We've posted this elsewhere, but in case you missed it, please read on...

Shipping Policy

Our shipping policy is now located here.

Return Policy

Our Return Policy is now located here.

How to Get Help

  • If you need help with a PDF you've ordered or want to order on this site, please send a note with your order number if applicable, to
  • If the problem is with a PDF you purchased in the previous version of this store, please start at and try to retrieve your download link(s). If that doesn't work, you can email
  • If you have an issue with an order for physical products, or have a Green Ronin-related problem otherwise not mentioned above, you can drop a line to  

How To Change Your Account Password February 15 2014

In light of Kickstarter's recent announcement that some of their data was compromised, including encrypted customer passwords, some of you will want to change the password you used in our store system (especially if it's the same as the one you used on Kickstarter). To do so, just click on Login at the top of the page, and click "Forgot your password or want to change it?". Enter your email address on the next page, and when you click Submit it will send you an email to initiate the password change process. (The password you use in our store is securely stored by Shopify, and we don't have any access to them, encrypted or otherwise.)

Free / Discounted Shipping! December 16 2013

For the month of December, 2013, we've got some shipping deals for you.

For orders shipping to United States addresses, you can enter the code 2013FreeShipping during checkout to reduce your shipping costs to $0.00! If you're shipping outside of the U.S., we've reduced our default shipping amount for orders weighing 20 pounds or less to just $12 from $20.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you have a terrific rest of the year, full of fun and games.X

Scratch & Dent November 04 2013

Hal recently stopped by the warehouse and scoped out a bunch of usable but slightly damaged books and boxed sets. We have opened up a new Scratch & Dent sale here in our Green Ronin Online Store, where you can get some great print products you may have skipped at full price, at fancy new Scratch & Dent sale pricing.

Go Scratch & Dent and save! 

Downloads From Our Old Store September 27 2013

Do you need to re-download electronic products you purchased from our old online store? Now you can! Just visit and follow the directions. Enjoy!

Quick Convention Report August 20 2013

We're back from Gen Con 2013, and it was a success! Along with selling lots of books and boxed sets and copies of Walk the Plank, we are proud recipients of a Gold ENnie Award for Best Aid / Accessory for the A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying book Night's Watch. Also, the Dragon Age RPG episodes of Wil Wheaton's TableTop won the Gold ENnie for Best Podcast. Congratulations to our fellow nominees and winners, and huge thanks to everyone who works on, voted for, and most especially plays our products.

Gen Con 2013 August 12 2013

It's that time of year again, when most of us converge on Indianapolis for about the next week, for Gen Con 2013. If you're going to Gen Con, we hope you'll stop by to see us in booth 1703. If you won't be in Indy, please be aware that customer service responses might be delayed. We'll be back to business as usual next Tuesday.

As an added bonus, we will hopefully return to work with a plan all hammered out for a system to provide PDF download links to people who bought from our old system, and coding will commence. We are truly sorry we haven't been able to get that put together yet, and we appreciate your patience to no end.

Nothing to See Here! August 08 2013

We got a notice from Shopify about a mixup:

"Between August 08 5:30am PDT and August 08 6:55am PDT a database change prevented completed checkouts from generating their corresponding orders.

"The issue was resolved and all orders have been generated with no loss of data. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

We apologize as well, and hopefully everything has since resolved. Please do let us know if you're having any trouble.

In other news, we know it's very frustrating for those of you who bought PDFs through the previous incarnation of our online store who would like to access your downloads. We really are working on a solution, and hope to have it implemented soon. 

Thank you very much!

Ronin Round Table: The New Green Ronin Online Store June 21 2013

The latest Ronin Round Table is up at, and it's all about our new Green Ronin Online Store. Hey! That's this store! Check it out:

Ronin Round Table: The New Green Ronin Online Store

On PDF Download Links June 19 2013

We now use a third-party service service to manage our electronic products. Because of this, there is a slight delay between placing an order that includes PDFs and you getting your download link(s). Please DO let us know if after 30 minutes you don't have your links. Links for our test orders arrived much quicker than that. Thanks for your patience! If we can speed up that process in the future, we certainly will.

As we mentioned before, links to past electronic products don't yet appear in the new system. We will get a secure page set up that lets you access those. To find download links in the new store, just log in and click the order number to view a receipt complete with linky goodness. Oops! We will be putting your download links in your account page, but they're not there yet.

Account Registration June 19 2013

We exported all the accounts from our old online store, and have imported all of them that we could into the new store. Some email addresses didn't pass validation, and any duplicate accounts using the same email address should have been consolidated into a single account. (Yes, the old store would let people register more than once with the same email address.)

In this new store, the easiest way to get switched over, if you've ever shopped with Green Ronin before, is to click "Create an account." Enter your information on the resulting page. If you get a message stating that your email address has already been taken, you can use the link to reset your password. (Really, you're creating a new password, as your old one stayed behind in the old store. Please pick a strong one.) Once you're in, please review your customer information, to make sure that you're using the best billing and shipping addresses and that all your information is correct. 

If you click the box that says we can send you the occasional marketing message, we will let you know about new releases, no more than once a week. We've never sent out a marketing message before, but we plan to try it out. Rest assured, we hate spam, and will make sure you know how to unsubscribe if you change your mind.

One more thing: If you have purchased PDF products from us in the past, we still have all your order information. However, we can't transfer orders in to the new system, as it runs on completely different software and is not hosted on one of our servers. We have been concentrating on getting the new store up and running. Now that we're past that milestone, we will create a system you can use to access past download links.

Thanks for bearing with us through any confusion in this transition. We're confident it will all be for the better. (That's fancy talk for "We're really freakin' excited!") Please let us know if you have any trouble at all with the new site, or have suggestions for improvement. (We like praise, too. Praise is nice.)

And now... Game on!

Whistling Whilst We Work May 17 2013

Hey everybody! 

Marc, Nicole, and Evan are hard at work transitioning everything over to our new online store. Please pardon our dust, and watch this space for the latest in Green Ronin Online Store news.


The Green Ronin Web Team

Game on!


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