Account Registration June 19 2013

We exported all the accounts from our old online store, and have imported all of them that we could into the new store. Some email addresses didn't pass validation, and any duplicate accounts using the same email address should have been consolidated into a single account. (Yes, the old store would let people register more than once with the same email address.)

In this new store, the easiest way to get switched over, if you've ever shopped with Green Ronin before, is to click "Create an account." Enter your information on the resulting page. If you get a message stating that your email address has already been taken, you can use the link to reset your password. (Really, you're creating a new password, as your old one stayed behind in the old store. Please pick a strong one.) Once you're in, please review your customer information, to make sure that you're using the best billing and shipping addresses and that all your information is correct. 

If you click the box that says we can send you the occasional marketing message, we will let you know about new releases, no more than once a week. We've never sent out a marketing message before, but we plan to try it out. Rest assured, we hate spam, and will make sure you know how to unsubscribe if you change your mind.

One more thing: If you have purchased PDF products from us in the past, we still have all your order information. However, we can't transfer orders in to the new system, as it runs on completely different software and is not hosted on one of our servers. We have been concentrating on getting the new store up and running. Now that we're past that milestone, we will create a system you can use to access past download links.

Thanks for bearing with us through any confusion in this transition. We're confident it will all be for the better. (That's fancy talk for "We're really freakin' excited!") Please let us know if you have any trouble at all with the new site, or have suggestions for improvement. (We like praise, too. Praise is nice.)

And now... Game on!