Shadowtide: A Blue Rose Novel


Shadowtide: A Blue Rose Novel
Author: Joseph D. Carriker, Jr.
Cover Artist: Magdalena Pągowska
Format: Trade Paperback (6”x9” softback), 340 pages

Blue Rose Guide to ShadowtideWhen two envoys from the Sovereign's Finest disappear on a critical mission, an unlikely band of allies, led by Soot, a rhy-crow with dark and secret power, is brought together to combat a hidden threat. As portents bloom across the smuggler's den known as Serpent's Haven, these strange agents quickly find themselves tested by the machinations of a cult dedicated to darkest Shadow. Grieving, afraid, and unsure who to trust or where to turn, they must rely on one another and their erstwhile allies in hopes of rescuing the envoys and foiling a terrible plot. Success will bring no great reward, but failure is unimaginable. Can they overcome their suspicion and fear to fulfill their mission, or will they, too, fall to Shadow?


Shadowtide is the flagship novel of the Nisaba Press fiction line. Focusing on works related to Green Ronin Publishing’s proprietary settings, Nisaba offers short fiction, novellas, and novels.

Nisaba Press is run by Jaym Gates, as an imprint of Green Ronin Publishing. Nisaba is not currently accepting unsolicited submissions.

SKU: GRR7001
ISBN: 9781934547953

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