Mountain Terrors: Snow Eel (Chronicle System PDF)


Mountain Terrors: Snow Eel
A Chronicle System Bestiary PDF
Author: James Cook
Editor: Tom Cadorette
Developer: Joseph Carriker
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Art: Mike Vilardi
Format: 3 page PDF [546 KB download]
Compatible with the Sword Chronicle roleplaying game

Quiet alpine snow fields may occasionally be disturbed by strange protrusions in sinuous lines, as though something had passed beneath the snow without breaking the surface. The wise know this to be a sign of dangerous snow eels, and take precautions against the electrifying terrors that have been known to shock both man and horse in order to feed on the stunned victims.

Mountain Terrors: Snow Eel is a bestiary PDF for the Chronicle System, the rules engine that powers our popular A Song of Ice & Fire Roleplaying game. Find out more in this free Mountain Terrors: Introduction PDF!

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