Engine: The AGE Roleplaying Game Magazine #1 (PDF)

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Engine: The AGE Roleplaying Game Magazine #1 (PDF)
Contributors: Joseph Carriker, Stephen Michael DiPesa, Steve Kenson, Jon Leitheusser, Ian Lemke, and Malcolm Sheppard
Editor: Malcolm Sheppard
Proofreading: Nicole Lindroos
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Cover Art:
Interior Art: ddraw, Grandfailure, Henrik Karppinen
Cartography: Joseph Carriker, map assets by Tom Cartos (www.patreon.com/tomcartos)
Format: 32-page full-color PDF

The Engine of a New AGE

Engine is the magazine for AGE System roleplaying enthusiasts, covering Blue Rose, Fantasy AGE, Modern AGE, Cthulhu Awakens, and other games using the Adventure Game Engine rules. In our premiere issue:

  • Apprehension: Rules for fear and dread for Blue Rose and Fantasy AGE, with notes for other games.
  • Enemies & Allies—The Nyx: A marine monster for Fantasy AGE or any other AGE game.
  • Frolic in the Vale: A boisterous faerie folk encounter for Fantasy AGE.
  • Masons & Mystics: The Architecture Arcana for Fantasy AGE and Modern AGE.
  • Taking the Scepter: Talents for rulers in Fantasy AGE.
  • The Thistle Cup: A fully detailed Aldis tavern for Blue Rose.

Use them as-is or use AGE’s hackable rules to fit them into your story, campaign, or world. We give you the fuel, but you start the Engine!

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