Fantasy AGE Dungeons: Menace of the Grave Warrens (PDF)


Fantasy AGE Dungeons: Menace of the Grave Warrens (PDF)
An adventure for Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition
For four to six 5th-level heroes
Writing and Design: Steve Kenson
Development: Ian Lemke
Adventure Game Engine (AGE) Created by Chris Pramas
Editing: Jennifer Hartshorn
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Art: Bryan Syme
Cartography: Ed Bourelle
Format: 12-page, full-color PDF [7.4 MB download]

Menace of the Grave Warrens is an adventure for the second edition of the Fantasy AGE roleplaying game. It is intended for a group of four to six 5th-level characters, although the adventure’s threat level can be adjusted using the guidelines from the Adversaries chapter of the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook. The group should include a good mix of classes and ancestries, although combat abilities are important and it can be helpful if one or more of the characters is a goblin. Characters with Death and Earth Arcana also have chances to shine in the underground grave environment. Since the adventure is fairly heavy on Combat Encounters, it is useful if the characters have someone able to cast healing touch or a supply of healing potions. The adventurers are called upon to overcome the threat of ghouls infesting a goblin grave warren, possibly a sign of worse things to come, if the problem is not dealt with.

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