Fantasy AGE RPG Second Edition Quickstart (Free PDF)


Fantasy AGE RPG Second Edition Quickstart (Free PDF)

A neglected ship sales the moonlit seas with no living crew to guide her. Can the heroes unravel the mystery? And more importantly, can they live to tell the tale? Dive in to Fantasy AGE roleplaying in this new quickstart!

The Fantasy AGE Quickstart contains streamlined rules for Fantasy AGE, a game of swords & sorcery adventure which uses the Adventure Game Engine also found in Modern AGE, The Expanse, Blue Rose: The Age Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy, and more! This Quickstart includes everything you need to run your first game except six-sided dice, writing materials, and your friends. Along with the rules, the Fantasy AGE Quickstart comes with ready to play characters and Terror of the Ghost Ship, a fantasy adventure on the high seas.

Using the full rules in the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook, you can continue the quickstart adventure, or devise an entirely new campaign. Jump into the action and download the Fantasy AGE Quickstart!

Design: Steve Kenson
Development: Ian Lemke
Adventure Game Engine (AGE) Created by Chris Pramas
Based on Fantasy AGE Second Edition by: Steve Kenson, Ian lemke,
Chris Pramas, Malcolm Sheppard, and Owen K.C. Stephens
Cover Art: Wayne Reynolds

Interior Art: Elena Barbieri. Eric Belisle, Simon Carr, Javier Charro, Jan Cruz, Toby Fox, Claudia Ianniciello,, Diego Gisbert llorens, Andrson Maia, Andrey Vasilchenko, and Carlos Villa
Cartography: John Wilson

SKU: GRR6100e

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