Fantasy AGE RPG Second Edition Quickstart (Free PDF)


The Fantasy AGE Begins!

A neglected ship sails the moonlit seas, silent as death—and indeed, there’s no living crew to guide her. Can you solve the mystery behind it—and survive?

Will you battle the threats that awaken, or step unseen past horrors? Will you summon magical forces against the evil aboard, or unite your fellow heroes to drive it away? Learn how now, with the Fantasy AGE Quickstart, designed to teach you the Fantasy AGE roleplaying game. It contains everything you need to run the adventure within except friends to play with, three six-sided dice, and a way to take notes. Jump in and:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Fantasy AGE, a roleplaying game of dramatic fantasy adventure, with straightforward game systems for action, exploration, and social maneuvers.
  • Discover stunts: amazing feats of heroism that can fell a tough foe in a single blow or render them defenseless with a sly word. Score doubles on any two dice and activate stunts covering combat, exploration, social actions, and spells.
  • Play the included pre-generated characters, which represent a variety of fantasy ancestries and the four classes of Fantasy AGE: the charismatic Envoy, the spell-slinging Mage, the nimble Rogue, and the hard-charging Warrior.
  • Challenge the “Terror of the Ghost Ship,” a fantasy adventure on the high seas.

After adventuring against the “Terror of the Ghost Ship,” you can take the next step by picking up the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook, where the full rules of the game will help you continue the campaign, improve your characters, create new ones, and battle other dangers with sword, stealth, wit, or spell.

Fantasy AGE RPG Second Edition Quickstart (Free PDF)

Design: Steve Kenson
Development: Ian Lemke
Adventure Game Engine (AGE) Created by Chris Pramas
Based on Fantasy AGE Second Edition by: Steve Kenson, Ian lemke, Chris Pramas, Malcolm Sheppard, and Owen K.C. Stephens
Cover Art: Wayne Reynolds
Interior Art: Elena Barbieri. Eric Belisle, Simon Carr, Javier Charro, Jan Cruz, Toby Fox, Claudia Ianniciello,, Diego Gisbert llorens, Andrson Maia, Andrey Vasilchenko, and Carlos Villa
Cartography: John Wilson

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Tags: Adventure, Adventure Game Engine (AGE), AGE, AGE System, demo, Fantasy AGE, Fast Play, free, Quickstart, rules


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