A Song of Eagles: A Novel of The Lost Citadel (eBook)


A Song of Eagles (E-book)
A Novel of The Lost Citadel
By Brian Hodge
Cover Art: Todd Lockwood
Format: 350-page dark fantasy / horror novel in epub, mobi, and pdf formats


Once populated by nations of humans, elves, dwarves, and the wandering, jackal-like ghûl, the world of Zileska fell to the rotting tide of the risen Dead. Now the living dwell only in fortified Redoubt, last city in the world, crushed together for mutual survival under a brutal regime, against the endless siege. Driven by ill-luck and a stubborn streak, warrior Fáerin ventures with his companions beyond Redoubt, into a wilderness ruled by shambling corpses and more sinister, powerful forms of undead. He’ll discover new, strange forces at work among them. Is the final victory of the Dead at hand? Discover the truth as award-winning horror author Brian Hodge writes the first novel in the Lost Citadel setting, previously presented in the Tales of the Lost Citadel anthology. Enter a world where high fantasy has fallen, and only swords and cursed spells can turn back the undead.

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