Mutants & Masterminds Gadget Guide: Computers (PDF)


Gadget Guide: Computers
For Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition
Writing and Design: Steve Kenson
Editing and Development: Jon Leitheusser
Art Direction: Pauline Benney
Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Art: Tony Parker
Playtesters: Leon Chang, James Dawsey, Nathan Kahler, Jack Norris, Aaron Sullivan
Format: 5-page, full-color, fully-bookmarked PDF [802 KB]

Each Gadget Guide in the series takes a look at a particular type of devices in Mutants & Masterminds game terms, putting together the effects and modifiers from the Hero's Handbook to present different a wide variety of gadgets of that type. It also looks at specific concepts related to creating and using those devices in play. The Guide is a catalog of ready to use toys for your M&M game!


In less than a century, computers have gone from science fiction "thinking machines" to ubiquitous elements of everyday life. The Internet spans the world, opening new frontiers, as well as new opportunities for criminals and law enforcement alike. This Gadget Guide looks at computers and associated technology, including skills in computer use, programming, and "hacking".

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