Powered Up!: An Earth-Prime Anthology


Powered Up!
An Earth-Prime Anthology
Authors: Richard Lee Byers, Crystal Frasier, Eytan Bernstein, Andrew Wilmot, Kelly Goodman, Aaron Rosenberg, Skyler Graye, Michael Matheson, Nathan Meyer, Russell Zimmerman, Nathan Crowder, Jennifer Povey, Caias Ward, Maurice Broaddus & Isabella Faidley
Cover Artist: Conceptopolis
Format: 6" x 9" trade paperback, 312 pages

It’s a normal morning in Freedom City, bustling cronut stands and sleepy commuters chugging coffee. A quiet night in a sleepy mountain town. A busy city street in the business district. A normal shopping trip for the first day of school. Life, as you know it…

…superpowered. Toy Boy unleashes an assault of childhood nostalgia. An undying superhero clashes with human-sacrificing death cults. The city’s protector is thrown back through time, over and over again, battling his nemesis on the footpaths he will protect in the far future. A robot boy uncovers a sinister conspiracy in his school.

Powered Up is the superheroes of Green Ronin’s Mutants & Masterminds setting like you’ve never seen them before. Featuring a selection of reprinted and previously unpublished stories, this collection dives into the lives, battles, and relationships of the heroes and villains of Freedom City, Emerald City, and even the distant past.

SKU: GRR7104

Tags: Anthology, Earth-Prime, Fiction, Nisaba, short stories


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