Pathfinder Short Cuts: Fifty Campaign Themes (PDF)


Fifty Campaign Themes
Pathfinder Short Cuts PDF
By Owen KC Stephens
10-page, full-color PDF [1.1 MB download]

Short Cuts are tightly-focused PDF products that look at a single topic relevant to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. All Short Cuts are appropriate for use with Freeport: The City of Adventure, but can also be easily used in any Pathfinder RPG-compatible campaign setting.

Short Cuts: Fifty Campaign Themes is a 10-page pdf offering suggestions and guidance from Owen K.C. Stephens, with themes new Pathfinder-compatible campaigns can be built around. Do you want to send the PCs on a voyage of exploration? Turn them into world-changing dambusters? Examine a technological revolution? A campaign can be as simple as a dungeon stomp, or as complex as you want it to be, and these themes can help a GM introduce new directions for a game as an overarching plot, or just a change of pace.

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