Sacred Band Character Dossiers (Free PDF + Hero Lab files)


Joe Carriker’s critically-acclaimed LGBTQ+ superhero novel, Sacred Band, features a fun cast of metahuman characters. Now, you can play them in Mutants & Masterminds!

Magnetically-empowered college student Rusty Adamson may have been a child during the glorious age of superheroics, but he vividly remembers the deeds of his idol, Sentinel. Sentinel used his incredible powers to save lives and right wrongs — until losing the man he loved and being publicly outed caused him to disappear from public life. When Rusty’s gay friend Kosma goes missing in Ukraine, Rusty realizes there is still a place for superheroes, and sets out to bring Sentinel out of the shadows to help find his friend.

But the disappearance of Kosma is one small move in a staggering global plot against queer youth. In the modern world, a team of supers may seem old-fashioned, but the battle against the sinister forces targeting the LGBTQ+ world may require some incredible reinforcements. 

Sacred Band Character Dossiers Deosil Preview

This FREE PDF product features Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition character sheets for the stars of Sacred Band, including data files for Hero Lab, the character creation software from Lone Wolf Development. (Hero Lab sold separately.)

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