Valiant Adventures RPG Quickstart (Free PDF)

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Valiant Adventures RPG Quickstart (PDF)
Design Team: Steve Kenson and Alexander Thomas
Format: 39-page, full-color PDF

The Valiant Adventures Quickstart is your introduction to the exciting world of super-powered roleplaying in the Valiant Universe using the Mutants & Masterminds game system. This Quickstart is intended for readers who may have played other roleplaying games and are interested in learning how to play Valiant Adventures. It is also suitable for readers who have never played a tabletop roleplaying game but are interested in learning how.

In this book, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to roleplaying, an introduction to the game system and the Valiant Universe, and a starter adventure to begin playing right away.

The Valiant Adventures Quickstart is intended as an introduction, to provide new players with an easy guide to how to play the game. It’s useful for Gamemasters looking to introduce players to the world of roleplaying games in general or to Valiant Adventures and Mutants & Masterminds in particular.

The Quickstart is divided up into sections: 

  • THE BASICS tells you about the essentials of the game system.
  • PRE-GENERATED CHARACTERS provides six heros for players to modify and use.
  • RE:GENERATION is a starter Valiant adventure about a group of young psiots who learn some startling things about themselves and the lives they think they are leading.
  • The GLOSSARY fills you in on what important game terms mean.



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