Tales of Freeport: Noden's Scourge (PDF)


At the Docks, a generations-old Halloween tradition of forgotten origin goes awry, with very real consequences for the people of Freeport.

This short story is set in Green Ronin's City of Freeport.


PDF formatTales of Freeport: Noden's Scourge
Short Fiction From Green Ronin's World of Freeport
Authors: Heidi McDonald, Travis Jenkins
Artist: Wayne Reynolds
Format: 24 page bookmarked PDF


About Nisaba Press

Nisaba Press is Green Ronin's fiction imprint. Nisaba publishes novels, anthologies, and short fiction tied to the rich and varied worlds of Green Ronin’s tabletop roleplaying properties. Current plans include stories of swashbuckling horror in the fantasy world of Freeport: City of Adventure, tales set in the romantic fantasy world of Aldea from the Blue Rose Roleplaying Game, superheroic adventures set in the world of Earth-Prime from Mutants & Masterminds, and chronicles of fantasy survival-horror in the world of The Lost Citadel.


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