3rd Era Freeport Companion (PDF)


3rd Era Freeport Companion (PDF)
Author: Robert J. Schwalb
Format: 160-page, fully-bookmarked PDF from source files
A 7.4MB Download
Version 3.5 rules-compatible
Available in Print on Lulu.com

The 3rd Era Freeport Companion is a rules supplement for the Pirate's Guide to Freeport. Its 160 pages are packed with all the support you need to run a 3rd Era Freeport campaign. In addition to giving game stats for all the major characters, the 3rd Era Freeport Companion provides new core and prestige classes, famous magic items, an insanity system, new spells and incantations, and an introductory adventure.

What is 3rd Era?

The 3rd Era line of books and accessories was released in support of the third edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game, which lives on in the active play of game groups around the globe and in many variants supported by third party publishers.

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