Abzu's Bounty Adventure Path For The Expanse RPG: PDF Format


PDF formatAbzu’s Bounty (PDF)
An Adventure Path for The Expanse RPG
Authors: Kate Baker, Crystal Frasier, Steve Kenson, Ian Lemke, Will Sobel, and Nicole Winchester
Cover Artist: Conceptopolis
Format: 128-page, full-color, fully-bookmarked PDF 


Readers of The Expanse novels have thrilled to the adventures of the crew of the Rocinante. Now it’s your turn to make your mark! Abzu’s Bounty presents six full-length scenarios designed for a new crew of characters in The Expanse Roleplaying Game. They embark on a series of adventures, from a fateful discovery in the rings of Saturn to acquiring their own ship to a deadly confrontation that could change the course of history for the entire solar system.

Abzu’s Bounty is the perfect way to kick off a new campaign. Get ready for launch!

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