AGE Bestiary: Beastmen (PDF)


AGE Bestiary: Beastmen (PDF)
A bestiary for the Adventure Game Engine
100% compatible with the Dragon Age RPG
Design: Jack Norris
Development: Chris Pramas
Editing: Evan Sass
Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Art: Toren Atkinson, John Hodgson, James Ryman
Publisher, AGE System Design: Chris Pramas
Format: 6-page, two-color PDF [1.6 MB download]

Strange mixtures of animal and beast, the idea of the bestial humanoid who combines human cunning and animal ferocity can be found in numerous cultures and entertainment media. From heroic half-animal men to hungry tribes of man killing beasts, they can be a serious threat or unusual ally to many adventurers. Includes cute and furry and dangerous beastmen, centaurs, fish men, minotaurs, and reptile men, and rules for cursed and tribal beastmen.

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Tags: Adventure Game Engine (AGE), PDFs


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