Aldin Calendar Poster, Framed, 24" x 36"


Based on the calendars of the Old Kingdom, the modern Aldin Calendar became a fixture in the Kingdom of the Blue Rose after the coronation of Queen Seltha in 1 BR. Owing to the elegant simplicity of a 360-day cycle, these calendars remain unchanged from year to year, slowly chronicling generations of births, deaths, and other noteworthy events.

Record all the significant moments of your Blue Rose campaign and add detail to your game with at-a-glance reference to the passing of the seasons, lunar cycles, and all the important holy days and major feasts celebrated across Aldis—from Midwinter Night to Wolfenmoot.

Printed on durable, acid-free archival paper with a non-glare, matte finish, this museum-quality poster was designed by Kara Hamilton with original art by Stephanie Pui Mun Law for the expansive Blue Rose adventure, Envoys to the Mount. Poster measures 24" x 36".

Black, lightweight alder frame measures just 0.75” thick and includes a protective sheet of durable Acrylite. (Hanging hardware included.)

Stocked in both USA and EU, for region-appropriate (more affordable) shipping.

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