Assault on the Aerie (Modern AGE Missions PDF)


Assault on the Aerie
Modern AGE Missions Adventure For the Modern AGE RPG
For four to six characters of levels 13-15
Writing and Design: Steve Kenson
Development: Meghan Fitzgerald
Editing & Proofreading: Skyler Mannen
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Art: Andrey Vasilchenko
Cartography: John Wilson
Format: 15-page, full-color PDF [4.3 MB download]

Assault on the Aerie

A skilled strike team must find a way to breach the defenses of a nigh-impenetrable mountain fortress, rescue the hostages inside, stop a threat to humanity, and get out alive. That alone would be hard enough, but the mystical wards and magical creatures standing in their way makes the mission all the more dangerous.

Assault on the Aerie is a new adventure for the Modern AGE roleplaying game, designed to be suitable for characters between levels 13-15, showcasing Modern AGE in the urban fantasy genre. It provides multiple paths for the Game Master to follow, allowing it to stand on its own or fit into a larger campaign.

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Tags: Adventure, Adventure Game Engine (AGE), Adventures, Blue Rose, PDFs, Romantic Fantasy


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