Astonishing Adventures: Terror From the Skies! (PDF)


Astonishing Adventures: Terror From the Skies! (PDF)
A Hero High Mutants & Masterminds Adventure for 4-6 Heroes of PL 10
Writing: E.A. Bresnick
Design: Alex Thomas
Editing: Carol Darnell
Proofreading: Samantha Chapman
Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Graphic Design: Crystal Frasier
Art: Alberto Foche, Sean Izaakse, Dan Mora, Ramón Pérez

Format: 24-page full-color PDF
Also includes 7 .por files for use with Hero Labs (available separately from Lone Wolf)

Note: Terror From the Skies! is also available on Roll20 for VTT play

Terror From the Skies!

It's anything but smooth sailing when a powerful storm strands an Atlantean diplomat on the surface world. With negotiations breaking down and a missing princess, it's up to our heroes to find the source of this mysterious maelstrom and stop the 
Terror From the Skies! This is a Freedom City-based adventure for a team of 4-6 heroes of PL 10, with an emphasis on high-flying action, tense diplomacy, and escalating environmental hazards.

Astonishing Adventures brings you exciting, ready-to-run scenarios for Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition, complete with all the action and villains you need to bring the story to life!

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