Chronicle of Sorcery (PDF)


Chronicle of Sorcery (PDF)
A Magic System for the Chronicle System
Author & Developer: 
Joseph Carriker
Editor: Tom Cadorette
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Art: Drew Baker, Kent Burles, David Griffith, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Mike Vilardi
Format: 46 page PDF [5.2 MB download]
Compatible with the Sword Chronicle roleplaying game

When darkest sorcery and the mysteries of magic are laid bare, such power will shake the lands themselves. Chronicle of Sorcery is a supplement that details the core mechanics for magical power into any game powered by the Chronicle System, providing the foundation for entire systems of sorcerous might. Includes the basic Sorcery mechanics, new Benefits and Drawbacks, Common Sorceries, and new Holdings for the Houses with magic at their disposal. 

Chronicle of Sorcery is the third of our Chronicle System series of PDFs, for use with the Chronicle System engine that powers our popular A Song of ice & Fire Roleplaying system!

NOTE: A streamlined version of the rules in this supplement is used as the magic system in the Sword Chronicle roleplaying game. If you play Sword Chronicle you may use this supplement or the system in the core rulebook

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