Faces of Thedas


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Faces of Thedas
A Dragon Age RPG Sourcebook
Authors: Lisa Adams, Stephen Michael Dipesa, Justin Harris, Alyc Helms, Jack Norris, Matt Miller, Oz Mills, Jack Norris, Ryan Schoon, and Jamie Wood
Format: 128-page, full color hardback

Faces of Thedas lets you bring a host of compelling characters from the Dragon Age video games and beyond to your game table. From fan-favorite companions like Alistair and Dorian to deadly antagonists like Loghain and Knight-Commander Meredith, this book gives Game Masters a memorable cast to work with, providing game statistics, backgrounds, and advice on how best to use these characters in your own Dragon Age campaigns. It also includes new rules for managing and using relationships in play, giving additional depth to rivalries, friendships, and romance. Major organizations like the Antivan Crows and the Carta are also detailed. Faces of Thedas is a must for any Dragon Age GM.

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ISBN: 9781934547830

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