Faery's Tale Deluxe (PDF)


Faery's Tale Deluxe
Authors: Patrick Sweeney, Sandy Antunes, Christina Stiles, Colin Chapman, and Robin D. Laws
Cover Artist: Patricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall
Format: 96 pages, PDF [3.7 MB]
ISBN-10: 1-934547-06-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-934547-06-9

Play a pixie, brownie, sprite, or pooka in an enchanting storytelling game of imagination and wonder. Suitable for ages 6+, Faery's Tale Deluxe is a perfect introduction to adventure games for children and adults. It includes:

  • Information on faeries, faery lore, and the fairy-tale realm of Brightwood
  • Easy rules for creating and playing your own faeries
  • Seven titles to which faeries can aspire, from knight to faery princess
  • 35 fairy-tale creatures, from bumblebees to dragons
  • Three ready-to-play adventures
  • Over 15 sidebars with tips on playing with kids

The original edition of Faery's Tale was nominated for an Origins Award and three ENnie Awards. This new deluxe edition includes the entirety of the original game, plus 32 pages of new material. The realm of Brightwood awaits!

How Does Faery's Tale Deluxe Differ From the Orignal Faery's Tale?

Faery's Tale Deluxe contains:

  • All errata fixes
  • Rules & setting clarifications
  • Optional dice mechanic rules
  • A few new "For Kids" sidebars
  • A new Essence power: Manifest Gift
  • 4 new creatures
  • 11 new illos by Patricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall, Jennifer Meyer, and Janet Chui
  • 2 new adventures: The Frog Prince by Colin Chapman & The Case of the Missing Wand by Robin D. Laws
  • Expanded index
  • Expanded table of contents
  • Deluxe full-page character sheet
  • Reference & fiction bibliographies
  • Filmography
  • A new Preface

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