Fantasy AGE Bestiary VTT Token Pack


Art Direction and Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Art: Victor Corbella, Ivan Dixon, Biagio d’Alessandro, Brian Hagan, Ilich Henriquez, Jon Hodson, David Hueso, Britt Martin, Lorenzo Mastroianni, Mirco Paganessi, Andrey Vasilchenko
Tokens: Paul Timm
Format: 83 png files in a .zip compressed archive

What does every fantasy RPG campaign need? Monsters! Monsters! Monsters! The Fantasy AGE Bestiary VTT Token Pack gives Game Masters a plethora of new tokens to represent various foes to challenge their players, from classics like the basilisk and minotaur to new monsters like the eldritch crown and shard lord. 

Set Contains 83 tokens for the following adversaries:

Afanc, Ahool, Amarok. Ammit, Bakwanee, Basilisk, Beastkin, Bouda. Burrower, Carnivorous Plants, Chimera, Charnel Knight, Craterlins, Demons (assassin, Imps (x2), Demon Lord, Seductress),  Divine Warrior, Djinn, Enchinemon, Eldritch Crown, Elementals (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, 2 sizes each), Fire Ogre (x2), Fomoiri, Gargoyle, Gatorkin (x2), Ghoul, Griffon, Groi, Grootslang, Iron Maiden, Knifehound (x2), Living Doll (x3), Man-O-War, Merfolk (x2), Minotaur, Morlock, Mothman (x2), Nymph (1 Water, 1 Wood), Night Terror (x3), Ocean Wyrm, Ooze/Slime, Penanggalan, Rat King, Reaper, Sea Devil, Shadow Person, Shard Lord, Soul Harvester, Thin Man, Thunderlord (x2), Treeman, Troll, Vampires Master, Vampires Thralls (x3), Werepanther, Wererat, Werewolf, Yeti, Zenadrim

SKU: GRR6004tokens

Tags: Tokens, VTT


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