Fantasy AGE Dungeons: Lair of the Horned Giant (PDF)


Fantasy AGE Dungeons: Lair of the Horned Giant (PDF)
An adventure toolkit for Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition
For heroes of levels 8-10
Writing and Design: Will Hindmarch
Development: Malcolm Sheppard
Editing: Chris Pramas
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Art: Fotokostic, Dean Spencer
Format: 13-page, full-color PDF [6.2 MB download]

Also available for virtual table top play on Roll20!

The Fallen Bull Awaits

Long ago, a hero confronted a fierce challenge on the sacred fields of Kreyatos, and what transpired became the origin of a thousand legends—of sacred bulls slain, of a curse fusing victims with beasts, and of the Horned Giant and its cult. Now your heroes have come to investigate the legends at the fields themselves, where the cattle of the gods once roamed, and where the servants—or jailers—of a fallen hero, now given horns and an urge for bestial violence, dwell. But is there more to the Horned Giant? Beyond the rumored bull-man, what of the rumors of konotaurs and other beast-people?

Lair of the Horned Giant is an adventure originally designed for the earliest versions of the Adventure Game Engine, but it’s been rediscovered and updated for Fantasy AGE’s second edition, though it can easily be adapted to all AGE games. This challenging adventure with shades of Greco-Roman and Middle Eastern mythology is best suited to characters of levels 8-10. It includes new creatures and magical treasures for Fantasy AGE suitable for a wide variety of campaigns. The mythology of the Horned Giant is even designed to be easily adapted for your own campaigns.

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