Fantasy AGE Game Master's Toolkit (2nd Edition)


Fantasy AGE Game Master’s Toolkit (2nd Edition)
Author: Steve Kenson, Ian Lemke, Owen K.C. Stephens
Artist: Andrey Vasilchenko
Format: 3-panel hardback GM Screen, 5 reference cards, 32-page booklet

The Game Master's Toolkit is a key accessory for your Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition campaign. It features a three-panel hardback screen with all the essential game info you need at the table and a 32-page booklet with a Hazard Compendium and The Breakwater Curse, a brand-new adventure. It also includes five quick reference cards that put the stunts and actions at your fingertips, and a combat tracker that you can write on with wet or dry erase markers. The Game Master’s Toolkit is the perfect complement to the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook and will help you kick off your game with style.

SKU: GRR6102
ISBN: 9781949160338

Tags: Accessories, dungeon master, dungeonmaster, fantasy age gm's screen, featured, game master, gamemaster, gm, gm's, reference cards, screen


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