Fantasy AGE Journeys: Return to the Valley of the Whispering Titans (PDF)


Fantasy AGE Journeys: Return to the Valley of the Whispering Titan(PDF)
An adventure for Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition
For heroes of levels 5-8
Writing and Design: Jesse Decker
Development: Jack Norris
Editing: Matt Click
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Art: Rael Dionisio
Cartography: John Wilson
Format: 19-page, full-color PDF [8 MB download]

Return to the Valley of the Whisper Titans

Many centuries ago, powerful arcane titans battled an unknown foe around a small, sheltered valley. Only five remnants of this ancient conflict remain: the skulls of the titans, arranged to survey the entirety of the valley serving now as their eternal home. Over the ages, the skulls petrified and settled solidly into the hills. So powerful and evil were these titans that their stone skulls retained vestiges of both arcane power and fell intent. Rumors swirl about the valley and its titanic skulls, but one thing is certain: those in the valley hear the whispers of the long-dead titans, promising power and ancient secrets, but above all leading the wayward down a path of evil.

Originally released for the First Edition Fantasy AGE book Fantasy AGE Lairs, Return to the Valley of the Whispering Titans presents a revised and expanded location for your Second Edition Fantasy AGE campaigns. The Valley of the Whispering Titans has been revised for the new edition of the game and expanded with a second adventure and two new creatures to challenge your heroes.

This adversary, lair, and the adventures surrounding them suit Player Characters of level 5 to 8, skewing to the highest levels when running the second scenario, Rise of the Death Titan.

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