Fantasy AGE Lairs (PDF)


Fantasy AGE Lairs
Authors: Jack Norris, Matt Miller, Lucian Soulban, Jay Steven Anyong, Mark Carroll, Jesse Decker, Caias Ward, and Matthew Grau
Cover Artist: Eric Belisle
Format: 128-page, full-color, bookmarked PDF [9.8 MB download]


Into the belly of the beast!

Lairs provides a series of detailed challenges you can adapt to your Fantasy AGE campaign. Each chapter presents a terrifying or formidable adversary, their servants and followers, and their headquarters, base, or lair. Also included are rules for lair and scene specific stunts to step up location-based action in your game. Lairs is the perfect complement to the Fantasy AGE Bestiary, providing ready encounters and story hooks for your campaign.

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Tags: Adventure Game Engine (AGE), Adversaries, FAGE, fantasy, Fantasy AGE, Monsters, PDF, PDFs, Sourcebooks


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