Five and Infinity, Chapter 0: The Adventure Generator (PDF)


Five and Infinity, Chapter 0: The Adventure Generator (PDF)
An Adventure Generator For the Modern AGE RPG
Design: Jesse Heinig
Development: Malcolm Sheppard
Editing: Matt Click 
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Art: Stanislav Dikolenko, Mirco Paganessi
Format: 16-page, full-color PDF [7.3 MB download]

Your Gate to Infinite Adventure!

The Five and Infinity adventure series presents five adventures taking your Modern AGE characters from level 1 to 16 in the dimensions-spanning Threefold setting, but why stop at five adventures, when you can explore infinite possibilities?

The tables and advice in this enhancement to the Five and Infinity series can be used to generate numerous Threefold adventures, or with some Game Master elbow grease, can be adapted to other campaign settings. Create short adventures between the stories of Five and Infinity, or use this resource to create a totally unique adventure series of your own. The possibilities are as diverse as the Metacosm’s planes themselves!

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Tags: Adventure, Adventure Game Engine (AGE), Adventure Path, Adventures, AGE, AGE System, Five and Infinity, MAGE, Modern, PDF, PDFs, Threefold


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