Hero High Exchange Students (PDF)


Hero High Exchange Students
Ten Exchange Students For Your Hero High Game
A Mutants & Masterminds Supplement
Written by Michael Hammes
Created by Ronin Arts
Produced by Green Ronin Publishing
Fully-Bookmarked PDF from source files; 2.0 MB

This Mutants & Masterminds supplement offers Gamemasters a total of ten possible exchange students for their Hero High game. Each student is built at PL8/120 pp making them both ready-to-play characters for players in Hero High as well as potential fellow student NPCs under Gamemaster control.

The students make use of the Attack/Defense trade-off rule to adjust maximum attack, defense, damage, and Toughness save bonuses. Skills are listed with the number of ranks after the skill name and the total skill bonus listed in parentheses. For example: Bluff 5 (+8), means the character has 5 ranks of Bluff and a total bonus of +8 when making Bluff checks.

PL 8 is considered the default starting level for a Hero High game and each of the students represented in this supplement are assumed to be in their sophomore or junior year at Claremont. Players desiring to play freshmen should lower their students' traits to PL7/105 pp while those wishing to play seniors should increase the students' traits to PL 9/135. Gamemasters, although free to use the students as written, may wish to either increase or decrease both the students' PL and pp (together or separately) to fit their game as needed.

The following students are present in this supplement:

  • Agent H: Erde's Hope Rogers knows the reach of the Reich is long indeed.
  • Caryatid: Hailing from Anti-Earth, Francoise Gravois knows being a hero is deadly business.
  • Emissary: Xymert honors his father even as he realizes he may never see Utopia again.
  • Gladiator: Marius Agrippa is a Terra Roman marketer's dream.
  • Mystery Mutt: Ruh-row! Rex Hound stumbled onto Earth-Prime from Ani-Earth, and it hurt!
  • Prometheus: Freed from Omega's grip, Prometheus struggles to develop an identity.
  • Raptor: Falcus' classmates call him "The Arrogant Avian" for a reason.
  • Sleet-Saru: Earth Ape's Sachi Nakamura can't help giving others the cold shoulder.
  • Star of Africa: Edet Cherono is sponsored by the White Lion himself.
  • Zarana: Zandar's little girl just wants to have fun.

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