Hero High Villains (PDF)


Hero High Villains
A Hero High Supplement
For Mutants & Masterminds
Created by Ronin Arts

This Mutants & Masterminds supplement offers Gamemasters a total of ten new villains for their Hero High game. Each villain features suggestions for variations as well as a trio of villain-appropriate capers. The villains make use of the Attack/Defense trade-off rule to adjust their maximum attack, defense, damage, and Toughness save bonuses. Skills are listed with the number of ranks after the skill name and the total skill bonus listed in parentheses. For example: Bluff 5 (+8), means the character has 5 ranks of Bluff and a total bonus of +8 when making Bluff checks.

All of the villains are designed to present a certain challenge for a Hero High game which is assumed to have a default starting level of PL 8. If the game operates at a higher or lower power level the Gamemaster may wish to increase or decrease the villains' power levels on a one-for-one basis. Each villain has been assigned to one of the three "growth" categories of villains (see Hero High, page 91) and Gamemasters should study these categories for additional clues on how to use each villain.

The following villains are present in this supplement:

  • The Amazing Presto: it's magic, baby!
  • Beefcake: who's bullying who now?
  • The Cat: the purrr-fect criminal mastermind
  • Headmistress Payne: welcome to the school of hard knocks
  • Heiress: wealthy and spoiled beyond belief
  • Plastique: you never know where she'll strike from
  • The Principal: who's in charge now, punk?
  • Reverend Grim: time to bleed for your sins
  • The Tattered Man: the haunter in dreams
  • Übergeek: all your heroes are belong to us!

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