Hero High Yearbook (PDF)


Hero High Yearbook (PDF)
A Mutants & Masterminds sourcebook
Created by Ronin Arts

Ten Characters Ready for Class!

Inside the Hero High Yearbook GMs will find a total of ten new students for their Hero High game. Each student is built at PL8/120 pp, making them ready-to-play characters for players in Hero High, teen hero archetypes, or potential fellow NPC students under the GM's control.

The following students are present in this supplement:

  • Angst: A girl without a past, Eve wrestles daily with truly frightening powers.
  • Bank Shot: Idalyz Melendez may be blind, but she's got all the angles.
  • Crater: Samot is the winner of Farside City's scholarship to Claremont and its first home-grown superhero.
  • Druid: Aeron Gwynn must try to reconcile ancient traditions with a modern world.
  • Gravity Master: It's easy to make fun of Lawrence Smalls. Easy, but not necessarily smart.
  • HD: Quentin Rodriguez has a great imagination and the mutant powers to share it with everyone.
  • L33T: Shinnosuke Koyama, world-class hacker and neo-ninja.
  • Mindforce: Tia'kim Moc Thranen, the most powerful Lor mentat in at least a generation.
  • Ripper: Don't let Crystal Gaithers' innocent appearance fool you.
  • Ultiteen: With a name like that, Quo-Dis has to be good, right?

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