Lancelot (Mutants & Masterminds Novella; epub, mobi, PDF)


By Richard Lee Byers
A Mutants & Masterminds Novella
Cover Artist: Uko Smith
Format: 100-page novella in PDF, epub, and mobi format

The new hero is very helpful, assisting Britannia in putting down rampaging dinosaurs, and helping her rescue hostages. But as two nations escalate a simple question of borders into threatened war, their respective patriotic heroes come into conflict as well, and someone seems to be fanning the flames. Britannia finds herself questioning what this new hero's purpose is, and who her allies really are.

It will all come to a head over the Atlantic Ocean, as hero battles hero, and treachery is afoot.

About Richard Lee Byers

Richard Lee ByersRichard Lee Byers is the author of forty horror and fantasy books including The Things That Crawl, This Sword for Hire, Black Dogs, Black Crowns, Blind God’s Bluff, and the volumes in the Impostor series. He’s also written scores of short stories, scripted a graphic novel, and contributed content on tabletop and electronic games.

A resident of the Tampa Bay area, the setting for many of his contemporary stories, he’s a fencing and poker enthusiast and a frequent program participant at Florida conventions, Dragon Con, and Gen Con. He invites everyone to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

SKU: GRR7101e
ISBN: 9781949160215

Tags: Earth-Prime, Nisaba, novella


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