Lost and Never Found (Mutants & Masterminds Novel)


Lost and Never Found
A Mutants & Masterminds Novel
Author: Aaron Rosenberg
Cover Artist: Denis Medri
Format: Trade Paperback (6”x9” softback)
This novel is also available in eBook formats, sold separately.

244 pages

Lost in Infinity

In helping to save San Francisco from eldritch evil, members of the Sentinels, premier hero team of Emerald City, are lost among the infinite dimensions of the multiverse. The rest of their team are on a quest to find them, no matter what it takes.

Aided by the rogue magician Thomas Rhymer and his allies, the mystic Gatekeeper and the Shadow Knights, the heroes must find their way through the dangerous Dimension of Doors and use its portals to reach the worlds where the Sentinels have been lost, overcoming the threats there to find them and bring them back before it is too late. First, of course, they have to overcome mistrust and work together with their new allies despite their differences.

There is more at stake than just a rescue mission. The occult thief Arcanix remains at large, along with allies like Apocalypsette, Madame Macabre, and the undead gunslinger Kid Grimm. What is their scheme, and how does it involve the Dimension of Doors and the myriad magical worlds connected to it? Have all of their operations so far been only a distraction and, if so, what kind of game is Arcanix playing, and how do the heroes win it...?

SKU: GRR7105
ISBN: 9781949160598

Tags: Arcane Secrets Duology, Arcane Secrets Duology Print, duology, Earth-Prime, Fiction, Nisaba, Novel


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