Love 2 Hate: A Party Game for Inappropriate People


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Love 2 Hate is the party game of finishing sentences. One player starts the fun by choosing a sentence Starter card (like hippies, lawyers, or crabs) and then saying if they love or hate the way the group on the card ________. The others each choose a Finisher card to fill in the blank and the player with the funniest or most inappropriate response wins the round. Players take turns picking Starter cards and judging, and the person who takes the most rounds wins the game! Love 2 Hate is a fast-paced, social, and hilarious card game for 3 to 8 players, age 14 and up. Join the fun today!

Love 2 Hate
A Party Game for Inappropriate People
Design: Colm Lundberg
Development: Chris Pramas

Editing: Evan Sass
Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Format: Boxed game with 324 cards
ISBN: 978-1-934547-61-8

You'll love the way...

  • The Love 2 Hate rules can be taught in less than a minute.
  • Love 2 Hate is full of fun that’s inappropriate but not offensive. 
  • Love 2 Hate is the perfect game for parties and pubs.

How to Play Love 2 Hate

You can download a PDF of the rules, or, just watch this handy video:

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ISBN: 9781934547618

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