Modern AGE Mastery Guide


Modern AGE Mastery Guide
Authors: Jesse Heinig, Sian Ingham, Steve Kenson, Jack Norris, Malcolm Sheppard, Will Sobel, Nicole Winchester
Cover Artist: Victor Leza Moreno and Alyssa Menold
Format: 128-page full-color hardback

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Master the Modern AGE—as a Player or GM 

 The Modern AGE Mastery Guide is a core resource for taking your Modern AGE game to the next level, as a Game Master or player. This exhaustive guide to improving your game includes the following:

  • Tips for perfecting a character’s backstory, motivations, and place in a team.
  • Alternate rules for character creation, including simple, fast characters, and expanded rules for personality traits and more.
  • A look under the hood of Modern AGE’s game systems, including official updates to the core rules.
  • How to unite characters into an effective party.
  • New options for powers, equipment, and combat.
  • How to design and run a modern era campaign.
  • Advanced Game Master advice.

The Modern AGE Mastery Guide requires the Modern AGE Basic Rulebook. Together, they represent the next development for Modern AGE’s core rules.

Make Modern AGE your own!

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ISBN: 9781949160390

Tags: AGE System, Modern


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