Mountain Terrors: Alpingast (Chronicle System PDF)


Mountain Terrors: Alpingast
A Chronicle System Bestiary PDF
Authors: Brian Dudolevitch
Editor: Tom Cadorette
Developer: Joseph Carriker
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Art: Mike Vilardi
Format: 3 page PDF [717 KB download]
Compatible with the Sword Chronicle roleplaying game

The hardy people who dwell in the long shadows of the world's tallest peaks struggle constantly against the land and the elements, and are not easily frightened. The stories they tell their children are practical, cautionary tales meant to teach the fragility of existence in the harsh mountain environment. But one legend gives even the most stalwart mountain people pause--that of the Alpingast, an ancient terror said to lurk beyond the furthest reaches of humankind.

Mountain Terrors: Alpingast is a bestiary PDF for the Chronicle System, the rules engine that powers our popular A Song of Ice & Fire Roleplaying game. Find out more in this free Mountain Terrors: Introduction PDF!

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