Mutants & Masterminds Power Profile: Morphing Powers (PDF)


Morphing Powers (PDF)
A Mutants & Masterminds Power Profile
Design and Writing: Steve Kenson
Editing and Development: Jon Leitheusser
Art Direction and Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Art: Sean Izaakse
Playtesters: Leon Chang, James Dawsey, Nathan Kahler, Jack Norris, Aaron Sullivan
Format: 5-page full-color PDF [390 KB download]

Each Power Profile takes a look at a particular type of super-power in Mutants & Masterminds game terms, putting together the effects and modifiers from the Hero's Handbook to present different abilities associated with that power, from offensive and defensive to movement and utility. It also discusses different power descriptors and how they affect game play, as well as features and complications associated with the power. It's a ready-made guide to creating new heroes and villains for your M&M game!

Power Profile: Morphing Powers

Morphing Powers provide literal flexibility, from being able to stretch and change your shape to shifting around all of your physical abilities at will. This profile looks at the Morph effect and the Transformed condition alongside powers from Stretching and Malleable Form to full-fledged Shapeshifting. This product is for Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition.

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