Roadtrip To Ruin (Mutants & Masterminds Novel, Two eBook Formats)


Roadtrip to Ruin
A Mutants & Masterminds Novel (eBook)
Author: Skyler Graye
Cover Artist: Dale Deforest
Format: ePub and PDF in one download; 270 pages

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A construct, a shapechanger, a demon, a fighter, and a talking Pomeranian hit the road for the road trip they’ve all dreamed about. But this is Emerald City, and things never go according to plan. A devious supervillain, a protective guard, and a surprising origin story will make this band of misfits work together if they want to survive. Will our heroes get to see their favorite punk band? Will they thwart the sinister scheme endangering their fellow rockers? Find out in Roadtrip to Ruin!

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