Sacred Band (2nd Ed.) [Pre-Order]


Sacred Band
An LGBTQ+ Superhero Novel
By Joseph D. Carriker, Jr.
Cover artist: Melissa Uran
Format: Trade paperback (6" x 9"), 432 pages


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A re-release of Joe Carriker’s critically acclaimed LGBTQ superhero novel

Sacred Band tells the story of a team of LGBTQ+ superpowered individuals set in a post-superheroic world. When no one in charge is taking the disappearance of queer and other marginalized folk from around the world seriously, this team bands together to do it themselves. They find themselves facing down official scrutiny even while racing against the sinister conspiracy that is steps ahead of them and closing in on its goal.

SKU: GRR7102
ISBN: 978-1-949160-56-7

Tags: Fiction, LGBTQ+, Nisaba, Novel

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