Skull & Bones (PDF)


Skull & Bones (PDF)
Swashbuckling Horror in the Golden Age
A Mythic Vistas Campaign Setting for the d20 System
Written by T.S. Luikart, Gareth-Michael Skarka, and Ian Sturrock
Cover by David Leri
192 pages, perfect-bound

Roll the Bones!

Pirates prey upon Spanish Galleons, adventurers search for buried treasure, and the dead walk the streets of Port-au-Prince--this is the world of Skull & Bones. If you are looking for swashbuckling pirate adventure, look no further. Skull & Bones brings the history and legends of the Golden Age of Piracy to life. Within these pages you'll find:

  • New core classes like the sea dog, buccaneer, and shantyman.
  • New prestige classes like the master of fence, sea officer, and mystic navigator.
  • Backgrounds and Fortunes: new ways to add depth to your character.
  • A complete system for Voodoo magic. The mysterious world of the hougan and bokor unfolds, with details on every aspect of Voodoo, from gris-gris to zombi to the powerful and capricious spirits known as the Loa.
  • New rules for cinematic combat, including parrying, variant damage rules, and "Rolling the Bones".
  • A complete system for naval combat, including full stats for all the ships of the day.
  • Campaign ideas and GM advice.
  • Plunder! Enough treasures for the greediest pirate.
  • A bestiary of mythical creatures, from Amazons to the Djab and beyond.
  • A gazetteer and maps of the islands of the Caribbean.
  • Welcome to the Account, an introductory adventure.

Whether you choose to adventure on the Spanish Main or merely use the rules to add Voodoo and piracy to your own d20 campaign, Skull & Bones is your starting point for thrilling action on the high seas.

3.5 compatible.

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