Sol System (Print Softcover Sourcebook for The Expanse RPG) [PREORDER]


Sol System
A Sourcebook for The Expanse RPG
Authors: Kate Baker, Christine Beard, Keith Garrett, Steve Kenson, Ian Lemke, Brian McDaniel, Jason Mical, Pete Woodworth
Cover Artist: Conceptopolis
Format: 112-page, full-color softcover book 

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The Sol System—humanity’s cradle. The discovery of the protomolecule has changed everything, and tensions between Earth, Mars, and the Belt are white hot. The pressure rises as the exodus through the Ring gate escalates, and war seems inevitable. Opportunities abound for shrewd crews willing to take risks.

Sol System provides information on the governments, corporations, and organizations that vie for power within the star system that birthed humanity. Details on trade between the planets and stations of the solar system and beyond lie within, along with an in-depth overview of the layout, operations, and people of two of the most important locations in the Belt, Tycho and Ceres stations. Sol System also offers a comprehensive guide to running planetside stories, either as a prequel or a campaign, as well as rules for creating and running corporations, media outlets, security firms, or religious groups that jockey for money and influence between Earth, Mars and the Belt.

Sol System explores bold new ways to tell your stories in The Expanse Roleplaying Game. Welcome home.

SKU: GRR6609
ISBN: 9781949160444

Tags: Adventure Game Engine (AGE), The Expanse


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