Spaceship Zero: the Roleplaying Game (Print)


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Spaceship Zero
A Complete Roleplaying Game
Written by Toren "MacBin" Atkinson and Warren Banks
Format: 192-page softcover
ISBN: 0-9714380-9-9

Cross time, space, and the edge of sanity with the Spaceship Zero roleplaying game! Based on the cult TV series and forthcoming movie, Spaceship Zero is a '50s style swashbuckling space adventure RPG.

A group of brave test pilots take the world's first "Better-Than-Light" drive ship for a spin around the galaxy. Everything that can go wrong does, leaving the crew stranded in a twisted mirror universe, low on supplies and beset by dangerous aliens who seek their technological secrets.

Spaceship Zero is a complete RPG, and includes an introductory adventure. The universe will never be the same!

Spacecorp File Archive

  • The Strange Secret of Dr. Quisling
    This free adventure for Spaceship Zero is designed to pick up where Slave Ship of Despair leaves off, although it can be adapted to play independently.
  • SSZ: Slave Ship of Despair
  • Spaceship Zero Adventure: Asteroid X
    Asteroid X PDF
    Asteroid X Maps PDF
    Here is a brand-new, free adventure for Spaceship Zero. This adventure was written by Toren "MacBin" Atkinson, with maps by Matt "Trollboy" Wiseman, editing by Evan Sass, and graphic design by Rick Achberger. Enjoy!
  • Spaceship Zero Character Sheet
    Here's a character sheet. For Spaceship Zero!!!
  • Spaceship Zero Technical Manual
    Ever wonder just what the superintelligent monkey mechanic is doing when she tinkers (never call it monkeying around when she can hear you!) with the deconstitutor? Want to know why you feel funny when the air circulation system is broken? Maybe it's time you took a look at Spaceship Zero's Technical Manual.
  • Spaceship Zero Art Gallery
    Check out these pieces from some of the artists who contributed to Spaceship Zero.
  • Spaceship Zero Web Preview!
    This Spaceship Zero Web Preview features a summary of the character creation process and contains several sample archetypes.
  • Designer Spotlight: Team Spaceship Zero
    Here's an interview (in Metric!) with three of the creators of Spaceship Zero: The RPG, Toren "MacBin" Atkinson, Andy Lucas, and Bob Wilkins. Oh, those wacky Canadians!
  • The Better-Than-Light Drive and The Bendall Field Defined
    Straight from the Green Files of Professor Cornelius Ashton, we've got the skinny on the Better-Than-Light Drive and the Bendall Field. These devices were integral to Project: Spaceship Zero. So much so that several other systems (like tactical weapons) were removed to accomodate them.
  • Spaceship Zero Art Preview
    See several terrific images from Spaceship Zero, and learn why you should run when you hear a hydronaut-human hybrid talk about elective surgery.
    Learn more about Spaceship Zero on the site for the movie. We're not sure when the movie's due out, and they don't seem to be either, but they have some news and links and sweet downloadables.
  • The Great Art Robbery
    Here's a link down memory lane, 'til now lost in our News Archives from November 2001. Learn why you never ask The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets to watch your stuff while they're on tour, and gain some insight into the trials and tribulations that brought Spaceship Zero to RPG form.

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