Storm Warning (Modern AGE Missions PDF)


Storm Warning
Modern AGE Missions Adventure For the Modern AGE RPG
For four to six characters of levels 1–4
Writing and Design: Jose R. Garcia
Development: Meghan Fitzgerald
Editing & Proofreading: Nicole Lindroos
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Art: Alvaro Escudero
Cartography: John Wilson
Format: 18-page, full-color PDF [4.2 MB download]

Storm Warning

In a small, seaside town, a cult lurks in the shadows and prepares to fulfill the dark prophecies it’s harbored for years. Now, the time is finally right to bring their patron into the world, using an incoming natural disaster as both cover and a source of fell energy. Heroes must work against the clock and the elements to discover the cult’s plot and decide what to do about it, rescuing or dooming the town while doing their best to simply survive. 

Storm Warning is a new adventure for the Modern AGE roleplaying game, designed to be suitable for characters between levels 1-4, showcasing Modern AGE in the survival horror genre. It provides multiple paths for the Game Master to follow, allowing it to stand on its own or fit into a larger campaign.

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