Street-Level Archetypes 2 (PDF)


Format: 13-page, full-color PDF [3.1 MB]

This Mutants & Masterminds™ supplement offers players and Gamemasters a total of ten new ready-to-play archetypes for streetlevel (PL 6-8) games. In addition to the full stats, which allow players and Gamemasters to customize or rebuild each archetype, the archetypes are also useful for Gamemasters in need of some quick villains or NPC street-level heroes (for any level of game); just give them some gritty names and backgrounds and they're ready to go!

As per the archetype standard skills are listed with the number of ranks after the skill name and the total skill bonus listed in parenthesis. For example: Bluff 5 (+8),means the character has 5 ranks of Bluff and a total bonus of +8 when making Bluff checks.

All of the archetypes are for a power level 6 game,which was chosen as the default starting PL for a street-level game; games taking place at a higher PL will require adjustments to the archetypes in the form of assigning the appropriate points to attack and defense bonuses,power ranks, skills, feats, etc.within the themes established for each archetype. Note that several of the archetypes use the Attack/Defense trade-off rule to adjust their maximum attack, defense, damage, and Toughness save bonuses, as determined by their power level.

The ten heroes in Street-Level Archetypes 2 are:

  • Electric Hero: an inventor with a shocking idea.
  • Fixer: when no one else can help.
  • Futuristic Law Officer: the future of law enforcement is today.
  • Living Saint: doing good works is all that matters.
  • Misunderstood Monster: proving that looks aren't everything.
  • One-Trick Hero: superhuman, but just barely.
  • Powered Armor: sleek and shiny sheetmetal, powerful weaponry, what more could one want?
  • Soldier of Fortune: have gun, will travel.
  • Supernatural Scholar: researching things better left unknown.
  • Unretired Hero: an old warhorse returns to battle.

Produced by Ronin Arts.

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