Street-Level Archetypes (PDF)


This 13-page Mutants & Masterminds™ supplement, written by Michael Hammes, offers players and Gamemasters a total of ten new ready-to-play archetypes for street-level (PL 6-8) games. In addition to the full stats, which allow players and Gamemasters to customize or rebuild each archetype, the archetypes are also useful for Gamemasters in need of some quick villains or NPC street-level heroes (for any level of game); just give them some gritty names and backgrounds and they're ready to go!

The archetypes inside are:

  • Burnt-Out Hero—on the path to redemption.
  • Pacifist Monk—an island of tranquility in a sea of violence.
  • Physical Specimen—the only real hero.
  • Private Detective—on the case.
  • Psychic Investigator—possessing a great but unpredictable gift.
  • Street Fighter—the baddest dude on the block.
  • Swashbuckler—driving the blade of justice into the hearts of criminals.
  • Tinker—fixing it even if it doesn't need it.
  • Vigilante—driven by vengeance.
  • Wandering Mystic—adventuresome magic user.

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